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How Can I Help?

I have crazy social anxiety. Is this something you can help with?

Yes, social anxiety is so much more common that you may think. Most of my clients struggle with some form of anxiety and anxiety around people and relationships is the most prevalent. I've had and continue to have my own anxiety around the opinions of others, and certain relationships. I will walk with you hand in hand and share with you all the tools that can help you live your best life.

"I don't like how I always feel like a doormat."


Do you ever feel like you're incapable of saying no to people even when you don't really want to do something? Maybe you consider yourself a "people pleaser"? It can be so overwhelming and scary to ask for the things we need. It can feel impossible to set boundaries sometimes. Boundaries are SO important when it comes to taking care of ourselves and our own needs. This may be something that doesn't come natural to you, but, through learning healthy ways to deal with relationships, self care, and communication, you will see the importance of sticking up for YOU.

Above all, I believe that our strongest tool for healing and growing is connection. Forming personal connections to ourselves, others, and our spiritual selves can give us an invaluable resource in times of need. We all need someone to show up for us, someone to be there, and someone to understand. I tailor my coaching practice specifically for you and always at your pace. I work with clients with a varying range of functioning. This means sometimes I work with people who just need help getting out of bed and planning the day to the high power executive who is feeling triggered by a coworker, to people with relationship issues.  One thing you can trust is that I will always try to have your best interest in mind and that although trust takes time, I will continuously try to build it with you. 



One of the most effective tools I use in my practice is DBT.  Which stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I have found DBT to be one of the most efficient ways of helping my clients cope with a variety of anxiety and dissociative disorders. The term “dialectical” means a synthesis or integration of opposites. The primary dialectic within DBT is between the seemingly opposite strategies of acceptance and change. For example, DBT therapists accept clients as they are while also acknowledging that they need to change to reach their goals. In addition, the skills and strategies taught in DBT are balanced in terms of acceptance and change. The four skills modules include two sets of acceptance-oriented skills (mindfulness and distress tolerance) and two sets of change-oriented skills (emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness).



DBT includes four behavioral skill modules, with two acceptance-oriented skills (mindfulness and distress tolerance) and two change-oriented skills (emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness).

  • Mindfulness: the practice of being fully aware and present in this one moment

  • Distress Tolerance: how to tolerate pain in difficult situations, not change it

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: how to ask for what you want and say no while maintaining self-respect and relationships with others

  • Emotion Regulation: how to decrease vulnerability to painful emotions and change emotions that you want to change


There is increasing evidence that DBT skills training alone is a promising intervention for a wide variety of both clinical and nonclinical populations and across settings.

Lets Get Back to Fun!

When I say "Fun" I'm talking about new experiences or experiences in your past that have fallen by the wayside. The things you used to enjoy doing or things you've always wanted to try but never felt you could for whatever  reason. Fun is SO important  for our mental health whether we realize it or not. Activities or hobbies that we enjoy help to relieve stress, reduce cortisol levels, and can give us a sense of purpose.  Whether you are looking for new experiences or need help with inspiration for an old one, I will strive to make sure that you have the best experience possible. 

Some Things I
Do with my Clients.

  • Surfing 

  • Painting

  • Hiking

  • Shopping

  • Movies

  • Music

  • Movies

  • Sporting Events

  • Restaurants

  • Cooking

  • Dog Walking

  • Basketball

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